We never told you…

…about our new mobile game (until now):

(Actual game screenshot. But your game will be different. It’s in YOUR reality.)

‘We never told you’ plays right at your doorstep. Import your environment, import your friends and fight again the monster which threaten your very own home.

Do you dare to fight the monsters at your doorstep?

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iThief available on iOS (German only)

And another one! We just published iThief. A new mobster / mafia like game with a twist. Because we actually have *story*. Yes, unlike all others it actually makes sense to play it. A great story and cool missions are waiting for you.

Try it now!

iPhoneD 640x960 - Kneipe

Fun fact: iThief is actually the *first* project that we planned for iOS. The other apps… Well, they just happened?